Here are the slides I spoke to on Wednesday.



Hi – here is that Global Cities Index I mentioned.

If you want more information about global/world cities, check out this comprehensive website (GAWC).

Great discussion today – thanks everyone!!  Kris



Hi everyone – here is the syllabus for the course in PDF format. Please contact me if you have any queries or concerns.

Look forward to seeing you on 25 January!

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Hi everyone,

This course site was just established.  I’ll be using it to host the course syllabus, interesting media stories about cities, etc.

The syllabus for the 2010 version of this course is available here, and the 2006 version is available here. Please note, though, that I’ll be significantly changing the line-up of books we will be reading in the Spring session.  The broad structure, though, of the course, will remain the same.

The course blurb from the Geography course handbook is pasted in below.

Feel free to email me if you have any queries.  Cheers,

Kris Olds <>


901 Seminar in Cultural Geography: Cities and Development              Olds

Schedule: Sem 2: W 1:20-3:15, 388 Science Hall
 Credits: 2-3 
Prereq.: Graduate student standing


This course examines the relationship between cities and the “development” process. Global scale assessments of urbanization processes lay the context for detailed analyses of issues such as the role of the state in the development process, the relationship between cities and citizenship, postcolonial urbanism, transnational urbanism, and city futures. While these are long-standing issues of debate in various disciplines, and in interdisciplinary networks, our interest will be in recent work (primarily single-authored books) that addresses new theoretical, methodological and empirical questions, or else select “classics” that have had lasting impacts.


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